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  • How I Met your Mother with many fingers

    How I Met your Mother with many fingers

    This ad pops up in between video clips on Something strange is going on with Alyson Hannigan’s fingers. This post was submitted by Courtney Barr.

  • Made the “Pizzaburger” even worse…

    Made the “Pizzaburger” even worse…

    Awefully chopped in burger (corners of the old Burger still visible, shadows etc.). Source: Published on Facebook for a competition (Dr. Oetker Pizza Deutschland) This post was submitted by Nik.

  • New Girl’s Giant Hand

    New Girl’s Giant Hand

    Nick appears to be flummoxed by Cece’s giant hand or perhaps his own heavily photoshopped face. This post was submitted by joe batutis.

  • Jean Claude Van Don’t

    Jean Claude Van Don’t

    This image, rotating on the home page of, is so out of whack it’d be easier to identify the parts that AREN’T disasters. Technically it’s supposed to be Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits while playing bongos, but there’s just so much more going on, here, starting with that leer… This post was […]

  • Trimmed Hair

    Trimmed Hair

    Is it time for a haircut? Don’t let Avianca give you one. Source: This post was submitted by Consumer.

  • Coke Reflections

    Coke Reflections

    Reflection of the Coke 6-pack on the truck is even, while the actual object is at an angle. This post was submitted by Dave Imar from Innsbruck/Austria.

  • Bright Aspect of the Dark Side

    Bright Aspect of the Dark Side

    In this otherwise nice picture, the left eye of Mr. Patel has corrected levels for obvious reasons. But the result is that the left eye, which is on the shadow side of the face has a lighter iris, and whiter sclera that the eye in plain light. Good job on the left eye. Sloppy for […]

  • Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones

    Floating Sansa, see-through Margaery, and horrible lighting all around! This post was submitted by Lauren.

  • LeVian Large Hands

    LeVian Large Hands

    There are so many things going on here. Huge hands, awkward strangle hold on her shoulder that resembles a knee more than a shoulder, really bad drop shadows under jewelry, just in case you weren’t sure that the jewels were added to the picture after the fact, and an earring that looks like it is […]