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  • Good Perspective

    Good Perspective

    French catalog Maisons du Monde’s last minute addition: a chandelier, definitely not in perspective, and suspended from space… This post was submitted by bobmorane888.

  • Paralympics For Your Backyard

    Paralympics For Your Backyard

    This backyard tennis kit will let your children re-live their favorite matches from paralympics tennis while playing on green carpeting. This post was submitted by BadCat!.

  • Stand Up Paddle Surfing

    Stand Up Paddle Surfing

    Carolina Herrera’s new fragrance takes us into the world of small lighthouses, surfing dogs, and the depth of knowledge in physics. This post was submitted by Olivier.

  • Amateur Retouching Attack

    Amateur Retouching Attack

    Big blurry Shrek-like hand, harsh edges on the shirt and cartoonish eye black….but we shouldn’t judge the book by the cover. This post was submitted by Bugsy.

  • Monolito – Lorem Ipsum

    Monolito – Lorem Ipsum

    “The monolith is a monument of the Writers’ Association in Galician Language; should be text from author Paco Martin”. Translated from: El monolito es un monumento de la Asociación de Escritores en Lingua Galega; debería tratarse de un texto del autor Paco Martín. En vez de eso, Lorem ipsum This post was submitted by […]

  • PS Toolbox

    PS Toolbox

    About three months ago these ads appeared in Hamburg, Germany from H&M with their super brown, super slim, and super flat models. Shortly after they were adbusted by a street artist, who wanted to make a statement about these “perfect” models. Source: This post was submitted by Tom.

  • Hard to Get The Soda Without Feet

    Hard to Get The Soda Without Feet

    Feet gone and bubbles and lighting inconsistent (especially around the bottle). This ad is not suited for the Olympics and Paralympics. This post was submitted by Peter Eckert.



    Though exaggerated, we could understand the hands and product being ‘closer’ to us, but the head and lighting…really? Ad found in Ideas magazine in South Africa. This post was submitted by Debbie-Lee Cheetham.

  • Victoria’s Secret (again)

    Victoria’s Secret (again)

    Victoria Secret ads are always at the top of the list of Photoshop disaster images. In this online ad her right bicep is smaller than her elbow, and her torso above that same arm doesn’t match up with her hip below the arm. This post was submitted by Leah H.