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  • Oh Please

    Oh Please

    Fake curves making even the most confident women jealous. From Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogue online:,default,pd.html?cgid=wn02& rediculous body proportions photoshopped This post was submitted by Jamie Collins.

  • Pippi Longtorso

    Pippi Longtorso

    Someone needs to buy an Anatomy for Artists book for whomever composed this image. The distance between the navel and the diaphragm is generally the width on one hand. This was obviously two images pasted together. There appears also to be telltale lassoing artifacts along the outside edge of her right arm, near where the […]

  • Victoria’s Secret (again)

    Victoria’s Secret (again)

    Victoria Secret ads are always at the top of the list of Photoshop disaster images. In this online ad her right bicep is smaller than her elbow, and her torso above that same arm doesn’t match up with her hip below the arm. This post was submitted by Leah H.

  • Belly Button Alignment

    Belly Button Alignment

    It’s hard to see how this was missed. This post was submitted by Guillermo.

  • Tight Neck!

    Tight Neck!

    The head doesn’t seem to be a part of the same body and to make it even worst, the neck looks twisted as if she was the girl from the exorcist. This post was submitted by Carola.

  • No Ribs

    No Ribs

    It appears that this model has no ribs. She would have to have had them all removed to be this thin. That or they just tied the ribbon really tight. The photo was found here. This post was submitted by Jessica.

  • Bigger The Head, Smaller The Fingers

    Bigger The Head, Smaller The Fingers

    Cover for the Norwegian magazine “Mann”. This post was submitted by Runa.

  • Obsessed


    Photoshop can make other things bigger…not just boobs. This post was submitted by K. L..

  • Two Left Feet

    Two Left Feet

    Sshhh! It’s Victoria’s Secret again. Her right foot looks really strange. Wrong foot perhaps?