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  • All new wheel-less planes

    All new wheel-less planes

    Seems like Thomas Cook airlines tried to introduce their new livery by rubbing out the front wheel. Somehow it’s balancing! Clearly, their Photoshop designer should be sacked. Shadows are even mismatching! This post was submitted by Kyle Hinton.

  • Crash in progress?

    Crash in progress?

    American Airlines posted this to their Facebook page with the caption “Boy are my arms tired!” Clearly they were too tired from drawing the smoke to even attempt to get the perspectives correct. This post was submitted by Will Goodman.

  • Great Concept, Badly Executed

    Great Concept, Badly Executed

    Getting a great image together is not only about the idea, but as Mercedes Benz shows us, also about the details. In this promotional picture the finger from the giant hand isn’t where it is supposed to be. This post was submitted by Jaap.

  • Half-a-Marathon


    Register now and run with your favorite clones. This post was submitted by Dana.

  • Bookocalypse


    Jay Carney and his wife have maybe five books. But through the power of Photoshop, they have multiple copies, as if they run a book exchange. The Washingtonian magazine’s puff piece on the Jay Carney and Claire Shipman brings government propaganda to gloriously new heights. Check out the extra digit in the far right of […]

  • Oprah May 2014 Magazine

    Oprah May 2014 Magazine

    The May 2014 edition of Oprah magazine is all about accepting and appreciating your body the way it is. This post was submitted by Victor.

  • How I Met your Mother with many fingers

    How I Met your Mother with many fingers

    This ad pops up in between video clips on Something strange is going on with Alyson Hannigan’s fingers. This post was submitted by Courtney Barr.

  • Made the “Pizzaburger” even worse…

    Made the “Pizzaburger” even worse…

    Awefully chopped in burger (corners of the old Burger still visible, shadows etc.). Source: Published on Facebook for a competition (Dr. Oetker Pizza Deutschland) This post was submitted by Nik.

  • New Girl’s Giant Hand

    New Girl’s Giant Hand

    Nick appears to be flummoxed by Cece’s giant hand or perhaps his own heavily photoshopped face. This post was submitted by joe batutis.