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  • Half-a-Marathon


    Register now and run with your favorite clones. This post was submitted by Dana.

  • Bookocalypse


    Jay Carney and his wife have maybe five books. But through the power of Photoshop, they have multiple copies, as if they run a book exchange. The Washingtonian magazine’s puff piece on the Jay Carney and Claire Shipman brings government propaganda to gloriously new heights. Check out the extra digit in the far right of […]

  • Steering Wheel

    Steering Wheel

    Apparently, the Ford Model A was so advanced that it could be driven from the back seat! This post was submitted by Shady.

  • Twins Marathon

    Twins Marathon

    Half as many people – twice as much fun! Original: This post was submitted by Fernando Sánchez.

  • Stadtreinigung Hamburg

    Stadtreinigung Hamburg

    Hamburg’s municipal city snow removal is advertising in a German magazine. More than 900 will be deployed this winter or whatever the cloned equivalent is. This post was submitted by Max.

  • Eye of the Storm

    Eye of the Storm

    Either Rebecca’s Make up assistant hadn’t enough fringe to cover up the offending third eye or somebody with no eyes tweaked her hair in photoshop. This post was submitted by Joe Clarke.

  • What a Nice Hairstyle

    What a Nice Hairstyle

    Somehow, somewhere, and for some reason, somebody thought the model’s left eye wasn’t pretty enough. So they gave her a new, much larger one. Now she’s an alien. This post was submitted by Sarah.

  • CNN Romney Fail

    CNN Romney Fail

    Whatever they’ve tried to put together here…it failed. CNN posted this image of Mitt Romney recently showing a blurry selection on the bow of his tie. This post was submitted by Joe Blow.

  • Alien Belly

    Alien Belly

    Some might argue you end up looking like this if you work out too much, but really I can only think of the Alien movies. This post was submitted by Gleibson O.