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  • Dude, we need another clock

    Dude, we need another clock

    Strap too short and watch deformed. (German manager magazine) This post was submitted by schmidt.

  • Crash in progress?

    Crash in progress?

    American Airlines posted this to their Facebook page with the caption “Boy are my arms tired!” Clearly they were too tired from drawing the smoke to even attempt to get the perspectives correct. This post was submitted by Will Goodman.

  • Great Concept, Badly Executed

    Great Concept, Badly Executed

    Getting a great image together is not only about the idea, but as Mercedes Benz shows us, also about the details. In this promotional picture the finger from the giant hand isn’t where it is supposed to be. This post was submitted by Jaap.

  • LeVian Large Hands

    LeVian Large Hands

    There are so many things going on here. Huge hands, awkward strangle hold on her shoulder that resembles a knee more than a shoulder, really bad drop shadows under jewelry, just in case you weren’t sure that the jewels were added to the picture after the fact, and an earring that looks like it is […]

  • The Giraffe Diaries

    The Giraffe Diaries

    For vampires there is no such thing as a stretched neck. Found in Netflix Mexico. This post was submitted by Yizia.

  • Stand Up Paddle Surfing

    Stand Up Paddle Surfing

    Carolina Herrera’s new fragrance takes us into the world of small lighthouses, surfing dogs, and the depth of knowledge in physics. This post was submitted by Olivier.



    Though exaggerated, we could understand the hands and product being ‘closer’ to us, but the head and lighting…really? Ad found in Ideas magazine in South Africa. This post was submitted by Debbie-Lee Cheetham.

  • GIGANTIC Massage

    GIGANTIC Massage

    The Oompa-Loompas have opened a spa in Italy! (original here: This post was submitted by Valechan.

  • Room with a View?

    Room with a View?

    Something tells me you don’t quite get a view like this in an eleven-story building. This post was submitted by Alex L..