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  • “This is 40″ Movie Poster

    “This is 40″ Movie Poster

    Apparently the house was built around Paul Rudd’s toilet. This post was submitted by Steve Buscemi.

  • Virtual Rig Fail

    Virtual Rig Fail

    Porsche now offers 6 speed reverse transmission. (In a real rig shot the camera is mounted on a long arm attached to the car. Then the car is moved to blur the background to get the dynamic impression of speed. One of the cars, therefore, should be blurred even more than the background, as it’s […]

  • Steering Wheel

    Steering Wheel

    Apparently, the Ford Model A was so advanced that it could be driven from the back seat! This post was submitted by Shady.

  • Google Doodle Zipoodle

    Google Doodle Zipoodle

    We are grateful for the invention of the zipper, but this zipper looks stuck to us. This post was submitted by Mariano L. Honrado, Jr..

  • Tinkerbell Exercising

    Tinkerbell Exercising

    Tinkerbell balances (or floats) precariously on a twig. This post was submitted by Cecilia Gomez.

  • Twins Marathon

    Twins Marathon

    Half as many people – twice as much fun! Original: This post was submitted by Fernando Sánchez.

  • Maria Benedetto Atelier

    Maria Benedetto Atelier

    Image #2 makes it a bit more clear what the end result looks like if one only knows the magic wand and eraser tool to remove the background using Photoshop. PSD disaster from: This post was submitted by MissP.

  • New FJ Model – Hovercraft

    New FJ Model – Hovercraft

    Apparently Toyota has a new levitating FJ Cruiser model. This post was submitted by Michael.

  • Spare Skis

    Spare Skis

    Paranormal activity has been spotted at Les 3 Vallees ski resort. Found here on the website for Les 3 Vallees ski resort: Link to image: bandeau_bandeau_bandeau_headerint_enfants_20.jpg This post was submitted by syd.