Angelica Panganiban


For the guys: There is something wrong with her hair.

This post was submitted by PS Disaster.

  • laura

    I think it’s an optical illusion. her hair is long, and some kind of wind is obviously blowing it to the right, probably a fan. so with long hair, her hair is blown against her arm, and with this kind of light it just looks weird but isn’t badly shopped.

    • PS Disaster

      I’d have to disagree on this. I find her arm a bit too crooked. Search her name on Google Images. You’ll find that she went through A LOT of Photoshop before getting to this image.

  • Lol

    Her hair is obviously photoshopped in entirely. You can tell that the hair is practically painted onto her arm, it has almost no texture and it sits flat on there. If there was a fan blowing it, it would be off of the arm at the top part where the hair touches the arm, it wouldn’t look like it sits behind it then magically flips back and over the arm. There would also be a lot more shadow on the arm from the hair.

  • ella
  • Teresa

    Not ‘shopped at all. Her hair has simply encircled itself around her arm and broken it. Just another tragic accident.