You need hands…


…to rule! Well, it’s not an ad, but a PSD on a press photo is even worse:

The original article is here, the Photo is from Reuters:

Angela Merkel looks not that handicapped on the photos of the same day from DPA:

What on earth is going on at Reuters? What was on that table that they didn’t want us to see? An evil plan? A smoking gun? Schäuble’s lunch?
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Nic C.

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  • PS Disaster

    I actually don’t think this is a disaster. She is leaning on her left hand and you can only see her thumb. Moved to ‘questionable’.

  • Nic

    No, even the Myth Busters could not stage that pose, not even with the most flexible Contortionist, look at the wrist watch. And if you take a real close look, you’ll see the track of the smear brush. If not, my name is Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin…

  • Golgafrinchan_Ark_B

    I don’t recall the details, but isn’t there a code of ethics that news agencies should follow when releasing photographs?