• German ‘GUHL’ Shampoo Ad

    German ‘GUHL’ Shampoo Ad

    Head on backwards, unnatural underarm folds… Where is the body? Hands? Legs? Source: www.horizont.net/ kreation/ magazine/ pages/ protected/ show-172864.html This post was submitted by mandi_G.

  • Italian Democratic Party (PD) Fantastic 4 version

    Italian Democratic Party (PD) Fantastic 4 version

    On the official website of the Italian Democratic Party on this page http://www.partitodemocratico.it/doc/246141/primarie-2012-il-confronto-tra-i-candidati.htm where the party present the coming TV confrontation of the 5 candidates for the election to premier of the Democratic Party: Pier Luigi Bersani, Laura Puppato, Matteo Renzi, Bruno Tabacci, and Nichi Vendola. This post was submitted by Mauro.

  • Self-flying Helicopter?

    Self-flying Helicopter?

    Apparently their helipad is used so infrequently they couldn’t get a photo of an actual landing. But why not at least Photoshop in a pilot? This post was submitted by Carlos Alvarez.

  • LoooOOOooong Back

    LoooOOOooong Back

    Taken from Italian magazine WinMagazine 171 (http://news.wintricks.it/web/atipiche/36731/50-progetti-pazzeschi/) This post was submitted by Ammammata Annonnata.

  • Beautiful Pair

    Beautiful Pair

    What a beautiful pair of pants right between this couple. From a Turkish news web page. This post was submitted by siyahbalik.

  • Good Perspective

    Good Perspective

    French catalog Maisons du Monde’s last minute addition: a chandelier, definitely not in perspective, and suspended from space… This post was submitted by bobmorane888.

  • Paralympics For Your Backyard

    Paralympics For Your Backyard

    This backyard tennis kit will let your children re-live their favorite matches from paralympics tennis while playing on green carpeting. http://www.amazon.com/Pressman-Toy-1034-06-Garden-Tennis/dp/B000KHN9LA/r This post was submitted by BadCat!.

  • Stand Up Paddle Surfing

    Stand Up Paddle Surfing

    Carolina Herrera’s new fragrance takes us into the world of small lighthouses, surfing dogs, and the depth of knowledge in physics. This post was submitted by Olivier.

  • Amateur Retouching Attack

    Amateur Retouching Attack

    Big blurry Shrek-like hand, harsh edges on the shirt and cartoonish eye black….but we shouldn’t judge the book by the cover. This post was submitted by Bugsy.