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Got hilarious photoshop error? Here’s how you can share them with them world!

We can all be friends, if we follow the following important rules & instructions.

-Absolutely NO nudity. Cover up the areas if you’d like your image to be posted here, and select the ‘NSFW’ (not safe for work) category. These images will not show on the homepage or in ‘view all’.
-No images with watermarks, unless the watermarks are a Photoshop mistake.
-Place the source in the description box (if available) and write a funny blurb about the image!
-Only upload the same images (different version, before/after images, etc.) in one submission and keep creating a new submission for different images.

How to submit:
1) Select the category, and enter the image title and description.
2) Next select the image or images and press ‘upload now’.
3) Lastly, press ‘Send’.

Thank you for your understanding! Generally all posts are manually approved within 24 hours.

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