25% Off an Arm


From a Marks And Spencer promotional email.

A suit that really does have 25% off, or they’ve started hiring models that have had serious accidents with a mangler.

Still, he’s smiling about it.

This post was submitted by Will Collison.

  • http://www.photoshopdisasters.com/view-all/25-off-an-arm/ pete

    Are you sure this is not an amputee? Hard to imagine what the artist was trying to achieve otherwise…

  • http://www.facebook.com/writeranatorres Ana Torres

    it chopped up bad……… funny..

  • heather

    how did this go to press?

  • http://www.certstopshop.com geotrust

    Johnnie Baima’s arm, the goddess bunny.

    • Lai-Lai

      That’s not his arm, that;s his “skinny tie.”

  • luis acosta

    it looks like they cut his arm. thats weird

  • MarksnSparks

    this wasn’t a Photoshop mistake…either the sliced html email was coded incorrectly or the email client rendered it incorrectly… #justsayin :)

  • Trollface

    U r all wrong.

    U all think too much artist^^

    just read what’s written there… 25% off….

    so 25% makes on arm^^

    it’s a funny ad

  • Jegus

    Funny that they somehow managed to cut off an entire section of the picture. Someone had to have been sleepy.

  • Phil Indeblanc

    He’s definitely right handed. He just needs to nourish it, rather than chew on it.

  • Romi Barcena

    Guys don’t make fun on models with disabilities

  • Ben Swaine

    Just small boned