Added Hand



(The site randomly places a picture at top of website, may need to be refreshed several times to see it, then again… you have it here!)

I had to do research on alot of universities and colleges in Michigan for a project I was working on, and although 98% of the websites for institutes of higher learning are horrible design-wise, this one jumped out at me because the hand looks like it was added. I don’t know why the person who did this thought a hand was needed?

This post was submitted by Dan.

  • Joyce

    Not quite sure if the guy in the blue shirt will agree with “why add the hand”. I’m pretty sure he is happy it’s attached to him. You see his arm as well, it catches a lot of light, but other than that I think it is his.

    • dabuzzmann

      The light looks good for me. It has the same angle and you can see the arm underneath. Its more a bad photo.

  • David Smith

    Lol its most definitely the gentleman’s hand in the blue shirt and not photoshopped in.