American Apparel Stripes


American Apparel used this image as an ad on the textsfromlastnight website. Either the model is oddly misshapen or they photoshopped half her body away.

This post was submitted by Julie.

  • Cpt Blade

    Or maybe she is just skinny (you know, like every model) and her shirt is very large and loose.

    • QueenB

      Well said.

    • Rain

      She has thunder thighs compared to her waist which is 1/2 smaller than her thighs.

      • Beebee Pomegranate

        She’s stretched way out and back, and probably didn’t eat that day. She’s also wearing a huge shirt. I have a photo of me that isn’t dissimilar, and is un-photoshopped… Gravity, in this pic is also sucking her leg flesh down. I would think they’d have ps’d some breasts onto her, but they didn’t…

  • Lautaro

    It’s a hotter version of Cameron Diaz!

  • Rain

    Not even anorexics are this skinny. Gross. I think her waist is about three inches around. A pedophile must have photoshoped this.

  • fuzzybearslippers

    Actually, she isn’t all that skinny. She is on very light colored sand, but you can see the outer edge of the planes of her stomach if you look closely. While there is no doubt that photoshop was used, it isn’t a disaster. This is a combination of bright lighting, and they probably messed with the brightness afterward and increased the contrast for an artistic effect. Her body looks fine to me.

  • Chris

    Well, I have friends built like this and she is actually decently proportioned for a model. For the person talking about thunder thighs? You need a new definition of thunder thighs.

    P.s. What does a pedophile have to do with anything related to this picture? Do you know the definition of that word?

  • Chris

    And to the contrary, anorexic people can be, and often are, skinnier than this woman in the most extreme cases.

  • sonja

    I think everything looks okay except for her neck and head placement. Ewww!

  • Trollface

    stop hoaxing everything^^

    she is just skinny… like all models are… and the shirt is just very airy

  • Joseph Michael

    i dont get this… looks fine… its called overexposure…