Apple Batteries


Can you spot the two (potentially three) mistakes?

This post was submitted by PS Disaster.

  • Dominick Labrie

    no :/ ???
    Size of batteries ?

    • PS Disaster

      Both the reflections of the batteries seem to be off. The watermark destroys that part a bit. Also the positive end of one of the batteries shows a ‘minus’.

      • Dominick Labrie

        ah ! ok, now i see !!!

    • MnDina

      The batteries’ size is actually OK. I have a Mac with that kind of mouse and I couldn’t believe two AAs would fit inside the thing but they do. In fact, I just set two AAs next to my mouse as pictured in this ad and, even though I KNOW they fit, they sure don’t look like they would.

  • drm

    I firmly believe this is a 3d model. The shading has mental ray written all over it, some of the raytraced reflections look a bit dodgy (probably rendered separately and comped together), but by far the worst mixup is that someone forgot to rotate their UVW map on the bottom battery. Right now it shows as negative, but it’s the top cap.

  • Andrés

    the batteries mark are directed to differents sides.

  • Joseph Michael

    negative on positive terminal. multiple hinges no logo on screen backing?