Be Yourself! (Except Thinner!)


Ever wonder what you would look like if you had rubber arms that could wrap around yourself, ad could pull your waist into such ridiculous proportions that nobody would ever think your head could balance on your body?

Now you can, with Yumiko Dancewear. And since the ad says, “Be yourself!” everybody will know there’s no photoshop involved, right? RIGHT?

This post was submitted by FakeP Martins.

  • Laura

    This is rubbish, I’m hardly the skinniest girl ever, but even i can wrap my arm around my waist so you can see my hand on my side like the model is doing in this photo, so i imagine girls who are this slim could do it easily.
    What a fail whoever posted this… and most of the photos on the website, it’s wank.

    • Tia

      Well, yes, most people can do that but their hand wouldn’t gripping their side with NO VISIBLE ARM attached to it. The only fail is people like you who visit and post to websites that are, by their own admission, a wank.

  • Rachelle

    I’m sorry but I have to agree with Laura. This photo is completely plausible.

    However, it has been retouched as the line of the model’s tummy under her right hand doesn’t match up to where her bust meets the top of her hand. They’ve pulled her chest in to make her look thinner but haven’t thought about the placement of her shoulder or the line of her tummy.

  • lolcake

    Lol it isn’t not only does the picture appear as if she doesn’t have an arm, look at how small the diameter is between her boobs and her back, also how long one arm is and how short the other one is considering that all you see is a hand, AND how the bottom of her hand is her stomach and at the top of it is the continuation in which it doesn’t look…normal :3

  • Lai-Lai

    Her entire right arm was remove, as well as a goo chunk of her torso. No ribcage is THAT compressed.

  • Lai-Lai

    Really need to fix the d button to avoid these typos….