Buyvip…2 Models…More Errors


There are so many errors in this picture.
1) The models are superimposed on the background
2) Misaligned shorts on the guy
3) Pixels of the arms of the girl
and more…

This post was submitted by Jose.

  • Raldokoff Zirogluteen

    Does’nt look that bad to me, besides the woman’s torso.
    BTW: Iwishmynamewasreally Raldokoff Zirogluteen.

  • joakim

    THe guys head seems to be copy pasted in and i dunno but leaving the scar just above the shorts line isnt really that ideal?:P

    • Rain

      It looks like his body to me, nice abs.

  • Alexander Ballesteros

    It happen when you left the nephew of your cousin’s brother in law to make your website… Just pay a pro!

  • Phil Indeblanc

    the guys head even looks shopped in…The girl looks like Khaleesi from Game of Thrones….. That’s just Dragon skin! They sure didn’t know about the stamp tool in PS version 14 now? You can remove scars like the guys knife wound.