Changed Legs


Everybody was crossing their fingers (or legs) to wish the Photoshop artist good luck as he crossed the legs of the Spanish minister.

This post was submitted by Silvestre.

  • brnd

    nothing unreal here.
    first: why on earth should the legs be photoshoped?
    you think the legs are crossed? they are NOT
    it just looks like they are. her thighs are parallel in my humble opinion.

    • Joseph

      If you check the toes…you’ll get it.

  • Bart

    This is just an illusion, not a photoshop issue. The illusion is caused by her left arm and the fabric of the dress she is wearing. Her left arm is covering the top of her left thigh all the way to her left knee (the illusion is that it appears to be her right knee which her left hand is covering, when in fact it is her left knee). So, while it appears that she has her legs crossed at both the knees and ankles, they are only crossed at the ankles.

    • xlg

      you are right, a spanish website even posted instructions on how to sit like this along with a picture to prove it is not a photoshop disaster

      • pete

        There is no way her left upper leg can join up with her knee. In the El Pais photo you can clearly see that her left upper leg is angled up more, despite the fact that her knee is lower… This is photoshopped for sure.

      • Kait

        My guess is that they actually shortened her thighs/arms so that the under leg gap seen in the second picture of that link wouldn’t be visible. That accounts for the blur of the legs, the way it doesn’t look like they could connect successfully, and if you are looking closely, how short her left forearm looks.

        Thus I declare this still a PSDisaster, even if not as big of one as previously thought.

  • Chris

    Look at the thigh, you can see a photoshopped blur mark. As an avid photoshop user I can recognise this and it has been altered in some fashion.

    • Ollie

      No this hasn’t been Photoshopped. The ‘blur’ you see is actually just the ambient light softening the shadows. If you look at the original it’s easier to see:

    • Kitty

      I have seen a great number of poorly Photoshopped images in my time as a photographer and I can tell by the pixels that it is a fake.

  • Lai-Lai

    Oh…oh I see it…That’s quite the gestalt she has going on there.