I don’t understand why one would try to sell baggy clothes, but portray it as close fitting. Or was the model too skinny? :)

This post was submitted by Samantha K.

  • Savant

    What verb is that? I portrait, you portrait etc etc.

    • PS Disaster

      Corrected to ‘portray’.

  • Tor Sverre

    You are missing the point of the ad. There are three different tops here: a sweat-shirt, a T-shirt and a tanktop.
    So this ad has nothing to do with photoshop disaster.

    • Cathy D

      No PSD? So, it is common to wear clothes pins?

      • voltorb

        Yes, when making the close have a cleaner cut around your waistline, without having to reallign the stitching of the shirt essentially ruining it for sale.

        not a PSD, just a bad cameraangle, the pins should have been hidden behind her back

        • MnDina

          AND should have been Photoshopped out.