There appears to be something fleshy oozing from her face and out between the fingers of her hand. After staring at it for a few minutes it is difficult to decide if maybe it’s an extra tooth or a skin tag, or a conjoined twin…


This post was submitted by Doc.

  • Jim

    That’s just her sweater sleeve “peeking up” or shadow on the small “webbing” between human fingers I think.

  • Felipe Rodrigues

    I agree with Jim!

  • Linda

    Her right pinky finger is also freakishly long.

  • lola

    es cierto, solo es el sweater, tarado. ya no saben que mas criticar.

  • boinq

    I think, the light grey is the color of the skin, the darker grey left to the light one is finger shade, and the dark part is part of hand – see for yourselfs: if you bend your hand like the model, you’ll see the same.

    Fact is that it looks different and some of you may try to find the disaster where there is none.