Creative Cleavage


Just enlarge and shade…

This post was submitted by Katie.

  • Tong

    Which is the Disaster??

  • wawa

    the disaster is that she is not in my bed LOL

    • Canaduck


  • Rain

    Didn’t notice at first but she’s missing part of her arm and her shoulder is way too high on he left.

    • Lucas Gich

      I don’t think it looks that strange, one can always lower an elbow. Maybe if her hair wasn’t so much in the middle, we could see it better (BTW I think it’s the new bombshell from Transformers)

  • Cereal

    It’d take a while to notice if she was missing arms completely.

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  • Iumentum

    Haha, missing arm? Reduced shoulder? :D

    Look at the shade between those titties ffs!

  • Phil Indeblanc

    haha…”no I need them BIGGER! BBBIIIGGGERR !! Ahhhhhh, much better.