No wonder the US is having a hard time fighting off rebels in remote areas of the world. Only until recently it was discovered that the rebels have one major advantage. Until captured, this one will remain a cryptid.

This post was submitted by PSD.

  • m

    what is the source on this?

    • PS Disaster

      Unsure. It was submitted like this.

  • David Navratil

    How is this a desaster? Could be a funny photo, though. Ever considered it´s just his second shoe there, creating the illusion that his foot is still there?
    I think that´s even more probable considering the bad image quality.

  • Meg

    I think his left arm has a right hand on it. It looks like a thumb on the outside of his foot.

  • John

    He must be a muslim and making wudu. It looks like he has nowhere to sit.

  • Joseph Michael