Cut & Paste


After a thorough analysis we noticed a problem in the picture.

This post was submitted by Tim U..

  • Xoc Esahc

    Is it just me or is one of her boobs bigger than the other?

    • Os

      no, it is not just you… and i think there is also something wrong about her left arm, it’s too thin, i think….

  • ard ildeniz

    something is wrong with the left arm.

  • drm

    That must be one of those new optical illusion mass storage devices. Set it on any surface and it will appear to be magically floating off of it. Mega fail.

  • Thiago Silva

    Isso que é ser designer =]
    [E eu pensando que eu era amador]


  • Phicsa

    So what do we learn?? Mass storage devices let you’re boobs grow big!!!!! xD