Didn’t Pay Boeing In Full? No Problem


In this idyllic scene set in India (without all the hundreds of poor street people), you see an Boeing 747 Dreamliner in the sky. But there’s something missing!

This post was submitted by ptigris213.

  • Manowords

    You mean, the Boeing *787* Dreamliner.

  • Manowords

    Not really a Photoshop Disaster. It just so happens that the wings of the Dreamliner are angled such. See http://www.moillusions.com/2011/06/where-is-the-wing.html and http://news.cnet.com/2300-11386_3-10007121-1.html

  • Sarah

    This website used to be good around two-three years ago..what happened?

  • Shahriyar Alom

    That one was far to easy

  • travis

    Seriously – what happened to this site?

    • Phil Indeblanc

      What happen is that peoples expectation of quality has dwindled down to poop!

  • Phil Indeblanc

    Regardless of angle or what ever, to the eye, that still is perceived as an error. And what you suggest is that they set this image up to get that one take where the plane passes this scene of the dancing in the yellow sun sky?

    • GolGafrinchan_Ark_B

      Excellent point. Even when something in an ad is as it appears in life, you want to INSPIRE confidence in the potential customers. Here, it looks like the wing is half-missing and that the plane is waaay too close to the ground for comfort. Even if a viewer doesn’t get exactly why this image is off, it will still generate a sense of unease. I don’t think that this ad layout was a good idea.

      It was nice of them not to lie to customers by brushing out the air pollution, though!