Girl Generation


Dear Samsung,

I hope that you will soon succeed in creating those androids.
P.S. I’m not interested in the printers.


This post was submitted by Greg.

  • Alex

    That’s an invention we need: high heels that don’t sink in the sand….. :P

    • Chloe

      So true :L

  • Sammie

    This was originally a picture of SNSD (The name of the Korean 9-member girl group, as seen in the picture) posing for a clothing brand in S. Korea. I guess Samsung thought they could throw in some beach items and printers using PhotoShop while amazingly floating above the sand to sell their product. This in deed, is a PSD.

  • Diana Tambunan

    saya nk ambil gambar ni ke dlm fcebokk sy blh

  • benm

    I don’t know that I’d classify this necessarily as a PSD. That’s harsh. It all fits well together, minus the random printers (with reflections…?). But the locale and girls are good. So the heels don’t dig into the sand? We can all nitpick.