Glamour November 2011


Something’s just so glamorous about her…

This post was submitted by PS Disaster.

  • Joyce

    Other than a missing left arm (which might be hiding behind her leg) I fail to spot the disaster.
    If it is the missing arm, it is a bad photography job. As they should make sure that limbs are present and visible :) .

    • Canary

      To me her right leg is too short, her foot and hand are enlarged, her right ear looks like it’s been edited as well as the arm you mentioned.

      I don’t think all of these are necessarily due to Photoshop but that’s some awful positioning!!

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    • Suzy

      She has lint in her toe

  • Phil Indeblanc

    WOW, she is a contortionist!! Her top has folded into the sitting position!! She really is amazing!! And hides the arm well doing it! Well done Glamour… COVER!

    Did her ankle melt into her rear? I guess her hair is covering her left ear? there is a black patch in that area. She has some fungus growing on her toe it looks like…

  • Phil Indeblanc

    Is this a 3 part image?