Half a Woman, Half a. . . Hmm


This is a sweet picture of a woman playing with her child. Wait. . . Where’s the lower half of her body? Either that carpet is actually quicksand or someone really sucks at Photoshop.

This post was submitted by illyrianmoon.

  • person

    um maybe she’s lying on her belly?

    • notquitesane

      She evidently was lying on her stomach, but we should be able to see some part of her lower body in the background. The wall behind her is so close that she could not have her legs stretched out flat on the floor. It looks very strange.

      • sara

        No, the wall isn’t very close at all. Look at the chair on the left, which is pretty far on its own, and the wall is still a bit behind that. What reason would someone have to remove someone’s lower body in Photoshop?

  • http://www.facebook.com/gooday John Gooday Co-Kisser

    Maybe she climbs up through a hole in the floor :D

  • Alan

    maybe she has no legs and her child is her only reason to be glad she is alive hahaahahahahaahha

  • Jackie

    The wall behind her is not that close. She’s just laying on her stomach, and there would be no reason to even photoshop this.

  • blah

    If you look at the angle in which the lady is laying her legs should be showing behind her to the left a little…. and not hidden behind her head. That would be an awkward angle. It hink they shoped it….. to make the focus on the relevant stuff…the baby and her upper body

  • http://www.facebook.com/Senhor.Ron Ron van Middendorp

    Definitely ‘shopped…