The model is photoshopped into the jumpsuit, and they got her some shoes as well.
From H&M’s web store:

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  • benm

    I’d say it’s more likely the proportions were all wrong and they ended up not liking the shoes they originally selected. Girl was not dropped in. I’ve done this type of work for another larger retailer. Of course, quality control for us was much higher. Should have had a stylist. And if they did… they need to find a different one. Should have been pinned on both sides, alternating for the view.

  • Zara

    Dit you have a look on the website? It’s a fitting room, where u can try on different clothes on a model. You can combine different clothes. So it is impossible to take a photo of every model with every combination. So they put a picture of a some clothing over the photo of the model (you know what i mean?)
    If u check the link, the first photo is normal. Then they made the same look in the fitting room. It’s a very great and astunishing system in my opinion. First have a look, before you complain… ;)

  • benm

    Gotcha. Just an awkward system. Impressive the work they do for something that looks terrible. Has to be a money thing? Maybe just wanted to pay the model 200 bucks for an hour instead of 1 to 2 grand a day?

  • errrrr

    err….. isn’t that looklet?

  • Phil Indeblanc

    this is H&M?…shame on you lazy, cheap, jump the gun, no standards!!!