iPhone 4S Now with Sharper Corners


Whoops! Another launch rushed. Seems almost like Apple does it on purpose every time!


This post was submitted by Sky.

  • PS Disaster

    RIP Steve Jobs!

  • Steve

    Actually, the only disaster is you…using an outdated browser that doesn’t support transparency. Try upgrading or using a better browser genius.

    • PS Disaster

      I tested it before approving this post and it didn’t work on numerous browsers.

    • http://www.theengy.com EnGy

      No. The fail is the person who made it. Not the person using a browser…

  • MaNu

    weird, shows just fine on my browser

  • corona

    fuck ie

    • Sunit

      Same corners with IE, Chrome, FFx, …

  • http://vhmorales.com.ar/ viktormorales

    Uhm… maybe on safari… ¿?

  • Joseph Michael

    i think your browser was just not rendering transparency on PNG files….