JCP Alien Finger


J.C. Penney’s April mailer shows a long alien finger pointing at a dog. Let’s see what they will be pointing at next month.

This post was submitted by kim herrera.

  • TL

    this is retarded. that is clearly a normal finger.

    • Al

      but did you see how long her finger is compared to her hand?

    • Rafael

      Please, count the number of sections of your finger..

  • Acdssnnnv

    My finger looks like that. This sucks.

  • AF

    I have very long fingers too, probably a bit longer than the woman in the “photoshopped” photo. Maybe the person that submitted this is just a tad jealous of people with long slender fingers, maybe they are having feelings of inadequacy?..(~_^) lol!

  • austin

    yall are reTARDED! There are three sections on a human finger but the alien from E.T. had FOUR sections, just like the woman in this picture!!