Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper for MAC


Time after time, make-up ads just can’t accept the fame monster’s true colours (or body parts). Guess girls just wanna have fun.

This post was submitted by syma.

  • DJ Ambien

    ??? I don’t get it.

    • PS Disaster

      Lady Gaga’s right thigh doesn’t seem to align with the left side.

  • Luke

    I think syma’s original intention was in reference to the very tired and very boring myth that Lady Gaga has male genitalia, which she clearly does not, and never has had. That’s so yesterday syma…you might want to update your attempts at “humour”. That being said…the apparent lack of thigh alignment was very well spotted P S disaster. Difficult to tell if the hem of Gaga’s pink bodice has been pushed up a little bit because of the angle of her leg and is in the shadow there…or if it’s been completely photoshopped out because it looked unsightly or whatever…very silly. Nevertheless this is a beautiful photo of two iconic women working together to promote HIV/AIDS awareness…they are both absolutely wonderful !