Men’s Health Does It Again


This is an ad for a Men’s Health personal trainer. I’ve seen a lot of Photoshop mistakes on their website, but so far this one is the WORST. I think it was done by a kindergartner, who really just copy-pasted the images on the picture. No effort was made.

This post was submitted by Jonathan Nilens.

  • Rain

    I don’t see a psd here, just sexy abs, lots of men that work out can look like this.

    • Canaduck

      Look at the people in the background.

  • Phil Indeblanc

    No effort? Don’t you think having 2-3 suns as sources of light is effort in a outdoor shoot???!!!! 3 SUNS!!! YOu try that!!!! And importing specialty opaque water for filling the pool!!!! (9.5 model is wearing mens boxers? )

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