Missing Car


They seem to have moved the car forward forgetting about the lights. It’s the offical site of the Audi dealer for Barcelona.


This post was submitted by Francisco.

  • Bert

    The way the car is framed shows that it’s not a disaster but a joke: the cars goes faster than its light…

  • Max

    This was purposely done, as Bert mentions. Not a mistake; not a disaster

  • ?Ehehe

    Francisco – your IQ is lower than my dog’s.
    Bad for you that you don’t understand those kind of intelligent ads.

  • Vivi

    Maybe they wanted to say: Other cars can’t even be seen

  • Phil Indeblanc

    WOW!! Epic fail for a top car company! No standards! No visual proofers?!!
    And the car looks like its about to take off!look at the road and the angle of the front hood!! Scale/angle! “Its all dark, no one will notice anything anyway, just get it done!”