Monument Fire Nears Sierra Vista – OR Paul Bunyan Finally Arrives to Help


I am not sure what happened with the original photo, or why someone felt it needed just one more bystander, but the guy in the turned-around cap needs a wee bit more tweaking.

Either that or FINALLY Paul Bunyan has arrived to deal with the fires in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Crisis resolved!

This is the photo gallery it is from:

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Rob Wills

This post was submitted by Roberto.

  • Henric

    Its not necessarily shoped. For me it looks like he stands on the back of the car, look at the weels vs the weelhouse. The car seems rear heavy. And i guess mr red’s shadow falls almost on top of the oter guys schadow, you can see a shadow on “the other guys” right arm. The shadow by Mr Red’s foot is just from the police car.

  • Jay

    I think the guy in the blue cap is standing on top of the car’s trunk, and his shadwo happens to overlap with the guy on the ground. Check out how the read suspension of the car is depressed. The bit of shadow at his feet is the other guy standing near the white SUV on the pavement. So, a genuine shot I think!

  • Joey

    Agreed, looks like he’s standing on the trunk and the police car shadow looks like its his own. Funny perspective, I actually saw it as the guy standing on the trunk first, didn’t see how it was “shopped” until I read the description.

  • Shantell

    Then where’s his OWN shadow on the ground? This is definitely photoshopped.

  • Jon

    Nope, he’s shopped. If the shadows overlapped the guy on the ground would not have sunlight on him. If you look on the highway by red shirts foot you see some shadowing. Very odd!

  • The Shadow

    Not Shopped! Looked at the angle of the shadow, compared to the car roof’s shadow. The two men’s shadows overlap and match the car shadow angle perfectly. Another example of a little real-life angle-oddity making this site ’cause everyone is so interested in trying to ‘out’ images.

  • Lars

    If their shadows overlapped, then the man on the ground would not have so much sunlight on him. Also, everything casts dark shadows on the ground except the fence posts.

  • Roberto

    I still say it’s Paul Bunyan… Afterall, soon after this photo was taken, the fires were under control!

    Besides, if Paul were standing on the trunk, his feet wouldn’t look like they’re hanging out in thin air. That car’s trunk tapers off quickly and the Policeman’s shadow would be inline with the man in the foreground, or infront of where Paul is standing.
    AND if that police officer is standing right behind his vehicle to cast that shadow, he’s a midget police officer as his shoulders are even with the bottom of the window of that Blazer/mirror of the Blazer. He’s tiny tiny so he’s either a midget or he is way past the vehicle and forced perspective is making him seem small.

    Very odd photo, is all I can say.

  • Trollface

    a) y should someone photoshop something like this

    b) the guy is perfectly standing on the car and the shadow is made by the other car.

  • Phil Indeblanc

    I can’t stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! What happened?!!! Why??!!

  • Joseph Michael