Outta Shape!


May 2011 Issue of SHAPE Magazine. Misaligned hand and strange neck / shadow.

Also, “longarm & squarebow”! :) That’s one HUGE grapefruit too!

This post was submitted by Amy Taggart.

  • Chloe

    In the first picture , it is obvious that the shadow on the right side of her body is that of the snake , therefore, not being a photoshop fail ..

    • SmecksayLemons

      Except the arm and the hand don’t line up properly..

    • Dan

      The shadow is not from the snake because the catch lights in her eyes are from above, that’s why the shadows are all casting downwards…her neck was stretched thus making a longer than usual shadow…either that or her chin sticks out a foot.

  • Maddy

    Why do people insist on freaky-smooth necks? It makes them look like Silly Putty.

    Oh, and that grapefruit is a really a pumelo. You can tell by the size and the thickness of the peel. They are huge and delish.

  • blah

    bah ha ha thats true about the arm and hand not lining up