Pele, a hero, a star, a giant!


Take a look at this outdoor ad from Campinas, Brazil. I was wondering what is wrong with the biggest soccer player in history and realized it is a total disaster. He floats, he is giant, he is the BIGGEST player of all times :-)

This post was submitted by Zagoyoda.

  • Conrado Arduini

    uhahuahuuahhuauha!!!!! Great zago yoda!!!

  • Fabio Eduardo Ribeiro

    Hahahahahahahaha….. Grande Pelé!

  • Elson Júnior

    Conclusion: he uses at least two packs of this hair cream every shower.

  • Joyce

    And he doesn’t cast a shadow or has a reflection to boot.

  • Suzy

    & not to mention he’s totally holding a joint