Pink Friday


The legs. Just look at the legs.

This post was submitted by dm.

  • m

    ummmm…..on purpose?

  • duh

    Of course that’s on purpose. I assume it’s supposed to look like a barbie doll.

  • dana

    the ARMs, just look at the.. oh wait there are no arms! not even shoulders! just b…

  • Mobius

    … Barbie dolls don’t usually have such gargantuan legs.

  • wow

    UHH YEAH. that was on purpouse guys

  • Alexander Ballesteros

    On purpouse

  • Jenifer
  • Anonymous

    Things that are wrong with this picture:

    - no arms
    - legs are wayyyyyy too long
    - her face looks like a mask

  • Joseph Michael

    nicki minaj is a puppet LOL