Princes Di


This is just bad taste…

This post was submitted by Angelo.

  • Raúl Burillo Martinez

    Esto es símplemente de mal gusto… coger a Lady Di y plantarla en la boda real por obra y milagro del Photoshop ¡joder, hasta la han envejecido! xD

  • MnDina

    Aside from the “bad taste” (at best) this represents, my first thought upon seeing it on the news was that some early-20-something did the ‘shopping because it looks more like an artist’s rendition of “Diana at 65″ (because to youngsters, “Fifty is, like, OLD!”). I’m a normal 49-year-old and neither I nor any of my friends/other 50-year-olds I know have such “tendony” necks or mummified-looking faces; I doubt Diana would have looked this horrible at 50.

  • Kitty

    Looks like 90, not 50…

  • Joseph Michael