Push-up Bra Top for that “Hour-and-a-half-glass” Figure


A failed attempt to make the model’s figure hourglass-y-er. The images show the clear contrast between the model’s waist.

Source: http://www.victoriassecret.com/ss/Satellite?ProductID=1265454387846&c=Page&cid=1265467827372&pagename=vsdWrapper

This post was submitted by Jenna.

  • Jackie

    It’s not even the same model.

  • Paris

    Yeah, that’s not the same model. And the 1st model actually does have very wide hips.

    • Katie

      No, you moron, that model doesn’t even remotely have wide hips. She has a ridiculously skinny waist, and I bet they did push her waist in a bit.

  • Rain

    I think her left hip is growing an ass, also her left arm is as long as her legs.

  • Captain Obvious

    No, these are not the same models. The first model has darker, thicker eyebrows and painted nails. The second model is wearing jewelry. However, the first model does appear to be PSed. The shadow of her cleavage is very obviously fake.

  • Trollface

    of course it’s the same model… but the first pic looks weirdy^^ kinda xtreme hips

  • Phil Indeblanc

    clearly different models. but image the model without clothes in the top image…haha…she does a lot of yoga !!