Samsung Galaxy Tab


It’s so much more than just an ordinary tablet with camera.

This post was submitted by PS Disaster.

  • Stevi

    I love how they forgot to put the black lady in pink on the screen, and also replace it with someone in white.

  • Alex

    Stevi – The pink lady is floating

    • PS Disaster

      Is she really? Isn’t her leg right next to the blonde lady?

  • omg

    there is also their arms…

  • Dragon

    Pero es que tampoco la postura de la pareja es la misma que e la cámara.

  • Bgs

    It’s more than a tablet. It’s a time machine! :)

  • NB

    Oh gods! So prone to classify it as Photoshop mistake that can’t see some possible jugdments errors. The guy is reviewing a recent taken photo and not previewing another shot (not same couple pose) so things usually happen between the two moments. The lady in pink appears be in motion and probably could be outside the photo scope (at the couple right side) when photo was taken. Also the ad photo shot angle is not the same than the tablet camera so even if pink lady was in same position she probably could be blocked by blue girl. Photoshop mistake? Hell no! The producers seem otherwise that had a lot a lot of time/space detail care when doing this.

    • yeah

      as you can see, on the tablet you will find the zoom scuare around the girl´s face. that means that he is either recording or taking a picture, but not seeing an old one. So yes, it is a PSD

  • designi1

    Camon, this is not a photoshop mistake. He took a photo with the Tab before and when he was looking to the picure another guy took the real one for the commercial. I just think the city was baldy pasted there. don´t believe that they took the commercial photo outside…