Spaghetti Torso


From the Victoria’s Secret website. Spinal injury, anyone?

This post was submitted by Rebecca.

  • laney

    This position is possible. I’m starting to think some of were submitted by fat people who just don’t know. =/

  • Katie

    Hmmm, I’m a fat size 2, and I can’t get my hip to poke out that far for nothing.

  • Brett

    I suspect less photoshop and more ridiculous photo setup. My guess is that her right foot is on a platform much higher than her left foot. Result = pose that comes out just silly instead of provocative.

  • blah

    I dont think this is shoped, I can do that in front of the mirror

    • Rain

      Stop lying you know you are the same size of three of her.

  • Alexander Ballesteros

    I’m not worried about the hip at all…. it’s the arm which worries me… Spooky

  • pete

    She is just leaning against a wall and they shopped the wall out.

  • katrena

    Seriously people… This is not Photoshopped. All they do to Candice is pretty much airbrush their skin. I have seen some fails from my store, but this is the real thing.