Stand Up Paddle Surfing


Carolina Herrera’s new fragrance takes us into the world of small lighthouses, surfing dogs, and the depth of knowledge in physics.

This post was submitted by Olivier.

  • Kevin N

    To be fair, I think the lighthouse is a small buoy or something. But this is pretty bad. The paddle has no shadow. And what’s with the white gridlines in the LR corner?

  • snarf
  • Camisu

    I think that is just a light buoy. So they photoshopped the guy in…

  • Phil Indeblanc

    The surfboard LANDED from the air into the water, and the water “overlay” next to the dog is pretty BAD! It doesn’t even look like the guy was originally ON a surfboard, look at the back leg position! Epic fail. This is how brands fall apart and lose face….”Lets give the job to the web dev, he knows Photoshop!”

  • Phil Indeblanc

    You clearly don’t understand perspective. look at the board in the ad that’s tilted up and starting to face you, vs a flat front angle where foreshortening is expected.