Strange Waters


This ex-Big Brother participant thought about showing herself a little thinner. I think someone could teach her how to do that. Image from a Brazilian Photoshop article, but the image seems to be from her personal social network site.

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This post was submitted by Felipe Rodrigues.

  • Luis

    Really too bad. What happenned with sea behind her?
    P.S.: She is not sooooo prety (with or without Photo Shop) anyhow. I guess the graphic designer has been fired after that.
    Ha ha ha.

    Luis (from Brazil)

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  • heather

    see, what happened here is she used the liquify tool to make her look skinny. She was so into herself she failed to notice how hard she FAILED. epic.

  • Chas Simmons

    No, this is real; it’s just a gigantic tsunami on the horizon going from right to left. Funny, though, we didn’t hear of this Brazilian disaster.

  • lolcake

    ok chas, that explains why her tits disappeared

  • Phil Indeblanc

    OMG! too funny!