Sun Lounger Model Fail


If that’s how she looks like after Photoshop, then she is either extremely ugly, which is unlikely since she is a model or this is possibly the worst Photoshop attempt made in a very long time.

This post was submitted by Jamie.

  • Angela

    Omg!! Was this really an ad???

  • Pedro

    Credoooo… OMG!!!!

  • Adam Shaughnessy

    AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! This is terrifying!

  • MnDina

    That’s what happens when you lie on your face too long.

  • lolcake

    Who thought that looked normal?!?

  • Kitty

    Maybe her face got lost on the way and they had to think of a new one. :D

  • Phil Indeblanc

    Beachmall this can’t be real!! Its a legit company?? Or joke?

  • Romi Barcena

    That’s what happens when you press your face down the pillow for a long period of time,. now this picture make sense to me.