The “Floating” Sinkhole


This article appeared on and claimed that a sinkhole opened up under a woman’s bed in Guatemala, Mexico. The hole and the man with the tape measure appear to float above the tile floor since none of the light from the light bulb is reflected onto the floor at all. The hole is perfectly round and not jagged and crumbled as you would expect from the tiles being broken. C’mon CNN, unemployment is high and there are a lot of talented photo retouchers looking for work!!

This post was submitted by Larry Parente.

  • art vandelay

    Hmm, perhaps it just looks like a bad retouche? Here is a video and another photo of the hole:

    The bulb is really in the hole and doesn’t shine on the floor.

  • BLite

    A different picture of the same thing:

    Not buying that this is a psd.

    • QueenB

      People are so gullible. Your link just proves further that it is Photoshopped. I mean, REALLY PEOPLE???

      • Rico

        If it was photoshopped they took into good consideration of the tiles. Compare the tiles in both to see that they’re pretty much the same.

  • Lautaro

    ¿Guatemala, Mexico? Guatemala is a country, not a Mexican state, Larry.

    BTW, perhaps this does not, but Guatemala sinkholes do exist:

    • melly

      Thank you. If you’re gonna be nitpicky about other’s work (not that I dont LOOOOVE the site) at least get your own close to correct. Perhaps you meant Guadalajara, Mexico?

  • Ollie

    This isn’t actually faked. If you go online you can see more of the picture, it’s simply that the hole is lit from within.

  • Magdalena Aviles

    Mexico and Guatemala are two different places -w-

  • JNX

    Yeah, there is no Guatemala state in Mexico, there is Guatemala Country tho, and the picture is real but it’s an optical illusion.

  • Alex

    Well, latin americans are so dumb that they believe in god with fervour. That’s why the illuminati can spend a little less on photoshopping the pictures targetted towards that audience.

  • Phil Indeblanc

    This is unbelievable! Really?!! CNN. I know they have ZERO worthy news, but no budget?!!! That’s just preposterous!

    One could argue they had a cylinder shapes , or looking closer, cone shaped …wait, cone shaped with brick inlay thing-a-ma-jig placed over the hole and thats why it looks that way!!…ya, go with that!!!

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  • Shelgeyr

    Now wait a moment… I don’t like CNN – at all – so please understand that when I’m sticking up for them here, I’m doing it grudgingly and because I think they’re maybe getting a bad rap on this.

    If the light bulb was positioned below grade, and I’m guessing from the tape measure shadow on the wall that it was, then it WOULDN’T have thrown any light on the floor at all.

    Given the extensive brickwork, I’m assuming this wasn’t a “sinkhole”, but rather the floor was built across an existing shaft of some sort (you can see a cross-section of the floor’s depth), and eventually just gave up and broke through.

    So although this picture certainly qualifies as “bad photography” (bad lighting, bad composition, etc.), it might actually not be a real Photoshop disaster at all.

    But I’m just guessing. Your mileage may vary.