The Most Flexible Man Ever Rides a Water Slide


Not only does this water slide rider have the coolest sunglasses ever (that stick magically to his face without anything holding them on, not to mention the NASA-like mirror coating on the lenses), but he is the most flexible guy ever to ride this slide. This is the cover of a magazine from Fall 2011, and while it might be a bit old and recently discovered by me in a stack of theme park industry magazines, this guy’s legacy as a water slide rider will certainly live on. I’d like to see a water slide warning sign that reads, “No straddling your own two legs on this attraction.”

This post was submitted by Greg Creekmore.

  • Caroline

    Its a double tube. There is someone behind him. You can see a tiny part of the front guys leg too right above the splash. Not a PSD

  • Honorius

    Perhaps, yes, it’s a double tube. But man, those glasses are horribly fake.

  • Evelyn

    I agree this looks strange, but It’s a double tube..there’s someone behind him. You can see people on the stairs with double tubes :)