Virtual Rig Fail


Porsche now offers 6 speed reverse transmission.

(In a real rig shot the camera is mounted on a long arm attached to the car. Then the car is moved to blur the background to get the dynamic impression of speed. One of the cars, therefore, should be blurred even more than the background, as it’s moving opposing to the direction the camera is moving.)


This post was submitted by Michael Maine.

  • Andrew

    mmm i dont think this was actually a Mistake… .. since its presentation of a new car… and the two are the same model, i believe this was Intended to be as it is.. :) Propaganda

  • Lee M

    I disagree. It’s just a demonstration of the left-hand car’s fantastic reverse gear. Although it is kinda hard to make out whether either car has a driver. But hey, driverless cars are a thing nowadays, right?

  • The man with the cars

    same here.
    think skoda has the same problems as porsche. way to fast reverse gear.