Whose Body Is It?


One of the worst Photoshop adjustments ever is seen in an Israeli print advertisement for one of the leading credit card companies in Israel. Embarrasing.

This post was submitted by Dror.

  • AntonisX

    First I was drawn to that female head… was it, or wasn’t it? That made me completely overlook the real disaster…

  • Savagela

    I’m missing it. What’s wrong with his head? He’s handsome, in proportion, same illumination as her face… Look okay to me. What’s the disaster? (I’m sure I’ll feel like and idiot when you point it out hehe)

  • Guillermo

    I don’t see it either.

  • Alex

    Well, not only is the color balance between the two people completely different, but the real “Doh!” element is the half-stack of books behind the woman. Whoops!

  • PS Disaster

    There are the books on the left, which appear out of nowhere and compare the woman’s skin colour (chest vs. face)

  • norelle

    look at her hands,,,

  • Helen

    Plus her head and neck are a COMPLETELY different color than her chest.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Senhor.Ron Ron van Middendorp

    Yes, people… It’s a bad one ;-)

  • http://netdate.dk/ Iumentum

    Haha, funny that people are so focused on the female head, and doesn’t notice the half book shelf :D